Carotenoids in potatoes – a short overview J., Hamouz K., Orsák M., Kotíková Z. (2016): Carotenoids in potatoes – a short overview  . Plant Soil Environ., 62: 474-481.
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Carotenoids are one of major lipophilic constituents contributing to total antioxidant activity and provitamin content of potato, a major non-cereal staple food. The review briefly discusses health promoting properties of carotenoids and especially their contents and composition in different potato cultivars affected by flesh colour (white-, yellow-, purple- and red-fleshed) and the effect of selected factors on carotenoid total and individual levels, such as genotype, breeding, tuber development, heat processing – cooking, storage, effect of year, locality, etc. The aim of the recent research is obtaining potatoes with higher levels of beneficial carotenoids to improve one the most popular vegetables in the world.  
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