Change in oil fatty acids composition of winter oilseed rape genotypes under drought stress and different temperature regimes N., Paknejad F., Shirani Rad A.H., Tohidloo G., Jabbari H. (2019): Change in oil fatty acids composition of winter oilseed rape genotypes under drought stress and different temperature regimes. Plant Soil Environ., 65: 503-507.
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To assess the response of winter oilseed rape promising line genotypes to late-season drought stress in delayed cultivation conditions and select the superior genotypes, an experiment was conducted for two years (2015–16 and 2016–17) in Iran (Karaj). In this experiment, the sowing date was specified in two levels including timely cultivation (October 7) and delayed cultivation (October 27) and irrigation factor including normal irrigation and irrigation interruption from podding stage as factorial in main plots and four winter oilseed rape genotypes (L1030, L1204, L1110, and L1114) and a commercial cultivar (Okapi) were categorized in subplots. Applying drought stress after the podding stage declined the seed yield and seed oil yield, and the highest and lowest mean of these traits were observed in the L1204 and L1114 genotypes, respectively. The interaction effect of the sowing date × genotype on all the studied traits was significant. With the standard erucic acid, the genotype L1204 in both normal and delayed sowing dates had the highest seed yield of 5118 and 3015 kg/ha. Besides, with high oleic acid with a mean of 63.65% and the minimum amount of glucosinolate of seed with a mean of 21.55 μmol/g, this genotype is recommended in delayed cultivation conditions.


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