Field priming with cytokinins enhances seed viability of wheat after low temperature storage

Chipilski R., Moskova I., Pencheva A., Kocheva K. (2021): Field priming with cytokinins enhances seed viability of wheat after low temperature storage. Plant Soil Environ., 67: 77–84.


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Field experiments were conducted with two winter wheat cultivars that were primed with 6-benzylaminopurine (6-BA) or kinetin at the concentration 10 mg/L twice during the grain filling stage. After priming, wheat physiological parameters were measured in the field, and the analysis of yield was performed after harvest. Harvested seeds were subjected to low temperature storage for 12 months at –18 °С simulating conservation conditions in genebanks. In field experiments, treated plants exhibited up to 14% higher productivity, higher fresh and dry weight, and chlorophyll content index of flag leaves. Priming significantly improved germination, seedling vigour and growth parameters. In 5-days-old seedlings developed from low temperature stored seeds of field primed plants, the average accumulation of malondialdehyde and H2O2 was estimated 25% lower, which contributed to higher cell membrane stability. These results correlated positively with growth characteristics of 15-days-old seedlings. The stimulating action of cytokinin priming was more pronounced in the modern cv. Geya-1 compared to the older cv. Sadovo 772 and could be attributed to improved anti-aging mechanism connected with better protection against oxidative damage.


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