Potato nutritional status at the onset of tuberisation – a yield prediction tool

https://doi.org/10.17221/533/2019-PSECitation:Frąckowiak K., Potarzycki J., Grzebisz W., Szczepaniak W. (2020): Potato nutritional status at the onset of tuberisation – a yield prediction tool. Plant Soil Environ., 66: 86-92.
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A reliable tuber yield prognosis requires a complex statistical analysis of potato nutritional status in the fully developed 4th leaf at the onset of tuberisation. This hypothesis was validated in the series of field experiments conducted in 2006–2008 in Poland. The experimental design was composed of two nitrogen (N) rates (60, 120 kg/ha), two N fertilisers (Urea and Agrotain), two rates of sulfur (0, 50 kg/ha). The marketable tuber yield of cv. Zeus ranged from 31.3 to 59.3 t/ha in 2008 and 2006, respectively. Despite annual variability, the potato presented a good nutritional status. In 2008, the contents of N, Mg, Cu and Zn were about 33% lower as compared to 2006. The stepwise and path analyses indicated N, Mg and Cu as the key yield-limiting nutrients. The diagnosis and recommendation integrated system (DRIS) showed that a slight imbalance of N and Mg did not disturb tuber yield, provided a positive balance of K was maintained. The Mg index, as a result of the DRIS procedure, emerged as the best single predictor of potato yield.


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