Soil phosphorus and potassium availability in long-term field experiments with organic and mineral fertilizationáš M., Mühlbachová G., Kusá H., Pechová M. (2016): Soil phosphorus and potassium availability in long-term field experiments with organic and mineral fertilization  . Plant Soil Environ., 62: 558-565.
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The effect of organic, mineral and combined organic and mineral fertilization of soils on the winter wheat yields and nutrient contents in soils was evaluated in long-term field experiments. Two sites with different soil characteristics were evaluated – Lukavec u Pacova (cambisol) and Ivanovice na Hané (degraded chernozem). The type of fertilization influenced wheat yields. Nutrient uptake by winter wheat was higher under nitrogen (N) fertilization, which resulted in a negative balance of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) and to a decrease of nutrient contents in the more fertile soils at Ivanovice na Hané. Two soil tests (Mehlich 3 method and NH4-acetate method) were used to determine P and K availability. The mineral nitrogen fertilization negatively and significantly affected NH4-acetate extractable concentrations of nutrients in the soils and these were lower in comparison with concentrations of P and K determined by Mehlich 3 method. Relative availability of P in alkaline soils from Ivanovice treated with mineral N increased while the soil pH decreased.  
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