Correlation between physiological tests and field emergence in treated corn seeds L.C., Correia L.V., Felber P.H., Pereira R.C., Matera T.C., Santos R.F.d., Braccini A.L. (2019): Correlation between physiological tests and field emergence in treated corn seeds. Plant Soil Environ., 65: 569-573.
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The objective of this work was to evaluate the degree of linear association between field emergence with the results of germination and vigor of corn seeds belonging to different initial vigor and submitted to agrochemical treatment. Following seed treatments with (i) carbendazim/thiram + imidaclopride/tiodicarbe; (ii) piraclostrobine, methyl tiophanate and fipronil; (iii) methyl tiophanate/fluazinam + bifentrine/imidaclopride; and (iv) metalaxyl-m/fludioxonil + thiamethoxam, seeds belonging to four different corn cultivars were assessed for their physiological potential. The strength of the Pearson correlation between germination and vigor tests with field emergence decreased after the chemical treatment, to a degree depending on the slurry composition, initial vigor and the test’s substrate.

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