Influence of crop management on formation of yield components of winter oilseed rapeček V., Baranyk P., Brant V., Pulkrábek J. (2019): Influence of crop management on formation of yield components of winter oilseed rape. Plant Soil Environ., 65: 21-26.
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The habitus of oilseed rape and its yield component values can be strongly affected by the structure of its stand. Field experiments took place in Central Bohemia in years 2013–2015 aiming at determining the influence of row-spacing (12.5, 25, 35 and 45 cm) on the yield components. Chosen parameters (the number of plants per unit area, the number of pods per plant, the number of seeds per pod and yield) were evaluated at the monitored stands (30 seeds/m2 sowing rate, cv. DK Exquisite). The study confirmed the statistical significance of the influence of row-spacing on some winter oilseed rape yield components. Widening of the row-spacing has led to a decrease in the number of pods per plant and the number of plants per unit area and an increase in the number of seeds per pod parameter. 1000 seed weight was not affected. This study did not confirm a positive effect of sowing oilseed rape in rows wider than 12.5 cm. Therefore, such an agronomical decision cannot be recommended as a way to achieve higher seed yield.

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