The influence of pre-sowing seed treatment by biologically active compounds on soybean seed quality and yieldázka P., Štranc P., Pazderů K., Štranc J. (2016): The influence of pre-sowing seed treatment by biologically active compounds on soybean seed quality and yield  . Plant Soil Environ., 62: 497-501.
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The aim of the experiment was to improve seed quality of harvested soybean seed by pre-sowing seed treatment with biologically active compounds Lignohumate B (mixture of humic and fulvic acids), Lexin (mixture of humic and fulvic acids enriched by auxins), brassinosteroid (synthetic analogue of natural 24 epibrassinolide) and so-called complete seed treatment (mixture of saturated solution of sucrose, Lexin, Maxim XL 035 FS fungicide of Syngenta and adjuvant on the base of pinolene). Four-year experiments proved positive influence of all treatments to seed parameters (laboratory germination, seed vigour (AA test), field emergence and thousand seed weight).  
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