Winter wheat yields under different soil-climatic conditions in a long-term field trialáš M., Mühlbachova G., Kusá H. (2019): Winter wheat yields under different soil-climatic conditions in a long-term field trial. Plant Soil Environ., 65: 27-34.
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The impact of precipitations and air temperatures on winter wheat yields was evaluated in a 34-year long-
term field trial with mineral and organic fertilization established at two experimental sites with different soil-climatic conditions: Ivanovice na Hané with well fertile soils (degraded Chernozem), higher average year temperatures and lower precipitations; Lukavec situated in Bohemian-Moravian highlands with less fertile soils (Cambisol), lower temperatures and higher precipitations. At both sites, a significant positive effect of used fertilizers was noted from the dose of 80 kg N/ha; the best yields were generally obtained at 120 kg N/ha and 160 kg N/ha. The wheat yields at the Ivanovice site were negatively affected by the decrease of precipitations, namely in more fertilized treatments, particularly farmyard manure + mineral nitrogen, from the dose of 80 kg N/ha. A different trend was obtained at the Lukavec site where better winter wheat yields were obtained under lower precipitations. The air temperatures played a positive role at the Lukavec site, but no significant effect of temperature was observed at the Ivanovice site. The less productive areas in highlands can become more interesting for agriculture production with changing climate. However, the soils generally having lower quality and nutrient content can be a limiting factor for obtaining high yields.

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