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Long-term experiments facilitate the observations of changes in soil properties affected by agricultural activity as well as the reactions of crops to those properties. The aim of the study was the assessment of the relationship between the soil pH as well as contents of organic carbon, total nitrogen, available forms of phosphorus, potassium (Kav), magnesium (Mgav) and the magnesium content in flag leaves (Mgfl) in winter wheat. There was also determined the correlations between the Mgfl content and the nitrogen (Nfl), phosphorus, potassium (Kfl) and calcium (Cafl) contents in those leaves. The Mgfl content was at-the-highest-level linearly positively correlated with soil pH and its richness in Mgav. The dependence of the Mgfl content on soil properties and the wheat leaves chemical composition was best described by polynomial equations of the 2nd degree, except for the Kav and Kfl contents. The Mgfl content depending on the Mgav content × soil pH and Mgav × Kav interaction. The winter wheat containing more Nfl and Cafl and less Kfl, accumulated more Mgfl.
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