The effect of mineral fertilisers and farmyard manure on grain and straw yield, quality and economical parameters of winter wheatý L., Vach M., Abrhám Z., Mensik L., Kunzová E. (2020): The effect of mineral fertilisers and farmyard manure on grain and straw yield, quality and economical parameters of winter wheat. Plant Soil Environ., 66: 249-256.
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In the years 2011–2014, winter wheat grain yield, qualitative and economic parameters were evaluated according to different fertiliser treatments: (1) control: unfertilised treatment; (2) farmyard manure (FYM) and (3) FYM + NPK (farmyard manure applied together with mineral NPK). The highest yields (8.10 t/ha) were recorded in the FYM + NPK treatment, while significantly lower yields (6.20 t/ha and 5.73 t/ha) were recorded in FYM and control treatments, respectively. Similarly, statistically significantly higher values of the quality parameters were found in the FYM + NPK treatment (13.55% of crude protein content and 43.56 mL of Zeleny’s sedimentation test), compared to control (10% and 22.44 mL, respectively). The modelling expert system (AGROTEKIS-Crop Technology and Economy) was used for the evaluation of economy. This software is based on technological methods of cultivation and norms of material input costs and costs of individual mechanised works. The economic benefits and profitability were evaluated for three different levels of grain market price. The highest gross profit per ha was recorded in the FYM + NPK treatment. According to the gross profit, the control treatment provided better results than the FYM treatment.

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