In situ near-infrared spectroscopy for soil organic matter prediction in paddy soil, Pasak watershed, Thailand C., Tawornpruek S., Watana S. (2018): In situ near-infrared spectroscopy for soil organic matter prediction in paddy soil, Pasak watershed, Thailand. Plant Soil Environ., 64: 70-75.
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Soil organic matter (SOM) is a major index of soil quality assessment because it is one of the key soil properties controlling nutrient budgets in agricultural production systems. The aim of the in situ near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for SOM prediction in paddy area is evaluation of the potential of SOM and prediction of other soil properties. There are keys for soil fertility and soil quality assessments. A spectral reflectance of 130 soil samples was collected by field spectroradiometer in a region of near-infrared. Spectral reflectance collections were processed by the first derivative transformation with the Savitsky-Golay algorithms. Partial least square regression method was used to develop a calibration model between soil properties and spectral reflectance, which was used for prediction and validation processes. Finally, the results of this study demonstrate that NIRS is an effective method that can be used to predict SOM (R2 = 0.73, RPD (ratio of performance to deviation) = 1.82) and total nitrogen (R2 = 0.72, RPD = 1.78). Therefore, NIRS is a potential tool for soil properties predictions. The use of these techniques will facilitate the implementation of soil management with a decreasing cost and time of soil study in a large scale. However, further works are necessary to develop more accurate soil properties prediction and to apply this method to other areas.
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