Impact of sugar beet seed priming on molasses components, sugar content and technological white sugar yield B., Wyszyňski Z., Pačuta V., Rašovský M., Lešniewska J. (2019): Impact of sugar beet seed priming on molasses components, sugar content and technological white sugar yield. Plant Soil Environ., 65: 41-45.
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The impact of non-treated and primed seeds on molasses components, sugar content and technological white sugar yield of the same cultivar of sugar beet root was investigated. The study was conducted in 2012–2014 at the Experiment Field Station of Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW in Skierniewice (51°97'N, 20°19'E) in the central region of Poland. The use of primed seeds resulted in a higher technological white sugar yield with higher sugar content and lower content of α-amino nitrogen in the roots. Also, seed priming increased the technological value of the roots by a lower share in the root yield fractions of the root weight less than 300 g, characterized by lower sugar content and a higher content of α-amino nitrogen.

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