Colored polyethylene film mulches on weed control, soil conditions and peanut yield T., Zhang Z., Ning T., Mi Q., Zhang X., Zhang S., Liu Z. (2015): Colored polyethylene film mulches on weed control, soil conditions and peanut yield. Plant Soil Environ., 61: 79-85.
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A two-year field experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of colored polyethylene (PE) films on weed control, soil temperature and moisture, and pod yield of peanut. By setting a clear PE film (CF) as control, three colored PE films were studied: black-clear-black color-matching film (BCF), silver grey film (SF) and black film (BF). The colored PE films were effective in controlling weeds compared with CF, while BF had the optimal weed control effect. Compared with CF, the colored PE films were not sensitive to air temperature, and had smaller daily temperature variations. Soil moisture at 0–40 cm depth was higher mulched with the colored PE films than those with CF, and the highest moisture occurred in BF. Peanut covered colored PE films remained higher chlorophyll content and net photosynthetic rate in the late growth stage. Compared with CF, the pod yields with BCF, SF and BF were significantly increased by 12, 7, and 5% in 2012, and 14, 10, and 5% in 2013, respectively. The treatments of SF and BCF get higher yields in 2012 and in 2013. Accordingly, SF and BCF may be better field-management options for weed control and high yield in peanut field.
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