Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002)

No. 10
Spatial distribution and correlation of soil properties in a field: a case study
L. Borůvka, H. Donátová, K. Němeček
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 425-432abstractdownload PDF
Sulfur and sulfate concentrations in leaves of oilseed rape under field conditions
J. Matula, M. Pechová
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 433-440abstractdownload PDF
Geochemical and anthropogenic soil loads by potentially risky elements
R. Vácha, J. Němeček, E. Podlešáková
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 441-447abstractdownload PDF
Influence of fertilization application and growing substrate on container-grown woody ornamentals
F. Šrámek, M. Dubský
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 448-457abstractdownload PDF
Yields and root technological quality of sugar beet grown in crop rotation and long-term monoculture
B. Rychcik, K. Zawiślak
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 458-462abstractdownload PDF
Management system and mineral nitrogen rate impact on the barley grain composition and its nutritional value for ruminants
B. Čeh Brežnik, I. Šantavec, A. Tajnšek
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 463-470abstractdownload PDF
Effect of growth regulators on rooting cuttings of Karwinskia species under in vivo conditions
M. Henselová, A. Lux, E. Masarovičová
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 471-476abstractdownload PDF

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