Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002)

No. 11

Analysis of chromosome termini in potato varieties
J. Fajkus, M. Novotná, J. Ptáček
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 477-479abstractdownload PDF
Segregation of DNA markers of potato (Solanum tuberosum ssp. tuberosum L.) resistance against Ro1 pathotype Globodera rostochiensis in selected F1 progeny
S. Skupinová, P. Vejl, P. Sedlák, J. Domkářová
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 480-485abstractdownload PDF
Identification of PCN species (Globodera rostochiensis, G. pallida) by using of ITS-1 region’s polymorphism
P. Vejl, S. Skupinová, P. Sedlák, J. Domkářová
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 486-489abstractdownload PDF
Abscisic acid content during cold hardening of barley and wheat cultivars with different freezing toler
Z. Faltusová-Kadlecová, M. Faltus, I. Prášil
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 490-493abstractdownload PDF
Influence of fertilization rates on species composition, quality and yields of the meadow fodder
J. Mrkvička, M. Veselá
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 494-498abstractdownload PDF
Changes of botanical composition of grass stands under different types of management
J. Šantrůček, M. Svobodová, V. Brant
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 499-504abstractdownload PDF
Rapid hydroponic screening for molybdenum tolerance in rice through morphological and biochemical analysis
G.R. Rout, P. Das
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 505-512abstractdownload PDF
New hop variety Agnus as the result of breeding process innovation in the Czech Republic
V. Nesvadba, K. Krofta
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 513-517abstractdownload PDF
The zinc mobility in three different soils amended by sewage sludge incubated with limestone and lime, and Zn uptake by oats
A. Hanč, P. Tlustoš, J. Száková, J. Balík, D. Pavlíková
Plant Soil Environ., 48 (2002): 518-524abstractdownload PDF

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