Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003)

No. 12
Index of Volume 49
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): I-VIIdownload PDF
Potassium dynamics in the soil and yield formation in a long-term field experiment
H.W. Scherer, H.E. Goldbach, J. Clemens
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 531-535abstractdownload PDF
Effects of zeolite amendment on microbial biomass and respiratory activity in heavy metal contaminated soils
G. Mühlbachová, T. Šimon
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 536-541abstractdownload PDF
Cadmium and zinc phytoextraction potential of seven clones of Salix spp. planted on heavy metal contaminated soils
M. Vysloužilová, P. Tlustoš, J. Száková
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 542-547abstractdownload PDF
Phytoextraction of lead, zinc and cadmium from soil by selected plants
B. Kos, H. Grčman, D. Leštan
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 548-553abstractdownload PDF
Nitrogen balance and mineral nitrogen content in the soil in a long experiment with maize under different systems of N fertilization
J. Balík, J. Černý, P. Tlustoš, M. Zitková
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 554-559abstractdownload PDF
The influence of organic and mineral nitrogen fertilizers on microbial biomass nitrogen and extractable organic nitrogen in long-term experiments with maize
J. Černý, J. Balík, D. Pavlíková, M. Zitková, K. Sýkora
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 560-564abstractdownload PDF

The influence of humic acid quality on the sorption and mobility of heavy metals

G. Barančíková, J. Makovníková
Plant Soil Environ., 49 (2003): 565-571abstractdownload PDF

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