Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004)

No. 5

Activity of some enzymes in barley caryopses during imbibition in aluminium presence
M. Šimonovičová, L. Tamás, J. Huttová, B. Široká, I. Mistrík
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 189-195abstractdownload PDF
Microbial characteristics, carbon and nitrogen content in cambisols and luvisols
L. Růžek, K. Voříšek, S. Strnadová, M. Nováková, W. Barabasz
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 196-204abstractdownload PDF
Response of irrigated sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) hybrids to nitrogen fertilization: growth, yield and yield components
H. Özer, T. Polat, E. Öztürk
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 205-211abstractdownload PDF
The comparison of extraction methods for evaluating some heavy metals in polluted soils
C. Aydinalp, A.V. Katkat
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 212-217abstractdownload PDF
Effect of soil contamination with diesel oil on yellow lupine yield and macroelements content
M. Wyszkowski, J. Wyszkowska, A. Ziółkowska
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 218-226abstractdownload PDF
Factors affecting nitrogen concentration in spring oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)
G. Šidlauskas, P. Tarakanovas
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 227-234abstractdownload PDF

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