Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004)

No. 6
Barley response to the soil reserve of sulphur and ammonium sulphate in short-term experiments under controlled conditions of cultivation
J. Matula
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 235-242abstractdownload PDF
Inter-relationship between number of microorganisms and spring barley yield and degree of soil contamination with copper
J. Kucharski, J. Wyszkowska
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 243-249abstractdownload PDF
A new soil core sampler for determination bulk density in soil profile
P. Prikner, F. Lachnit, F. Dvořák
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 250-256abstractdownload PDF
Adsorption of copper, cadmium and silver from aqueous solutions onto natural carbonaceous materials
P. Hanzlík, J. Jehlička, Z. Weishauptová, O. Šebek
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 257-264abstractdownload PDF
Growth and dry matter partitioning in sugar beet plants (Beta vulgaris L.) under moderate drought
D. Choluj, R. Karwowska, M. Jasińska, G. Haber
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 265-272abstractdownload PDF
Net N-mineralisation related to soil organic matter pools
F. Feichtinger, E. Erhart, W. Hartl
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 273-276abstractdownload PDF
Analysis of dry matter yield structure of forage grasses
N. Lemežienė, J. Kanapeckas, P. Tarakanovas, S. Nekrošas
Plant Soil Environ., 50 (2004): 277-282abstractdownload PDF

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