Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005)

No. 12
Index Volume 51
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): I-IVdownload PDF
Effect of nickel contamination on soil enzymatic activities
J. Wyszkowska, J. Kucharski, E. Boros
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 523-531abstractdownload PDF
The application of diffusive gradient technique (DGT) for assessment of changes in Cd, Pb, and Zn mobility in rhizosphere
Z. Fischerová, J. Száková, D. Pavlíková, P. Tlustoš
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 532-538abstractdownload PDF
The effects of calcareous sapropel application on the changes of Haplic Luvisols chemical properties and crop yield
E. Bakšienė, V. Janušienė
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 539-544abstractdownload PDF
Water logging may inhibit plant growth primarily by nutrient deficiency rather than nutrient toxicity
D. Steffens, B.W. Hütsch, T. Eschholz, T. Lošák, S. Schubert
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 545-552abstractdownload PDF
Distribution of nitrogen in wheat plant in its late growth stages with regard to organic fertilisation and mineral nitrogen rate
B. Čeh-Brežnik, A. Tajnšek
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 553-561abstractdownload PDF
An estimation of subsurface total drainage quantity in non-steady state drainage flow, and its verification in loamy soils
J. Štibinger
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 562-571abstractdownload PDF

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