Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006)

No. 6

The extent of land use impact on water regime 
P. Kovář
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 239-244abstractdownload PDF
 Evaluation of characteristics affecting the market value of table potatoes after washing 
V. Rasocha, E. Hausvater, P. Doležal
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 245-249abstractdownload PDF

Cadmium induced changes in cell wall peroxidase isozyme pattern in barley root tips

J. Huttová, I. Mistrík, M. Ollé-Šimonovičová, L. Tamás
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 250-253abstractdownload PDF
Parametric stability analyses for grain yield of durum wheat
M. Akcura, Y. Kaya, S. Taner, R. Ayranci
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 254-261abstractdownload PDF
Effect of aluminum on the isozymes of the seedlings of two soybeans [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] varieties
X.F. Ying, P. Liu, G.D. Xu
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 262-270abstractdownload PDF
The influence of tillage on selected biological parameters 
O. Mikanová, M. Javůrek, M. Vach, A. Markupová
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 271-274abstractdownload PDF
The influence of different soil vegetation covers onto the volumetric water content in upper soil  layers
V. Brant, J. Pivec, V. Venclová, J. Soukup, J. Holec J
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 275-281abstractdownload PDF
Relations among alkaloids, cadmium and zinc contents in opium poppy (Papaver somniferum L.)
J. Lachman, A. Hejtmánková, D. Miholová, D. Kolihová, P. Tluka
Plant Soil Environ., 52 (2006): 282-288abstractdownload PDF

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