Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007)

No. 12
INDEX 2007
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): I-Vdownload PDF
Photosystem II of barley seedlings under cadmium and lead stress
H.M. Kalaji, T. Loboda
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 511-516abstractdownload PDF
Antioxidant enzyme activities in Allium species and their cultivars under water stress
J. Csiszár, E. Lantos, I. Tari, E. Madoşă, B. Wodala, Á. Vashegyi, F. Horváth, A. Pécsváradi, M. Szabó, B. Bartha, Á. Gallé, A. Lazăr, G. Coradini, M. Staicu, S. Postelnicu, S. Mihacea, G. Nedelea, L. Erdei
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 517-523abstractdownload PDF
Effects of pretreatments of some growth regulators on the stomata movements of barley seedlings grown under saline (NaCl) conditions
K. Çavuşoğlu, S. Kılıç, K. Kabar
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 524-528abstractdownload PDF
The effects of treatment with polyamines on dry matter, oil and flavonoid contents in salinity stressed chamomile and sweet marjoram
R.M. Ali, H.M. Abbas, R.K. Kamal
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 529-543abstractdownload PDF
Effect of interactions between nickel and other heavy metals on the soil microbiological properties
J. Wyszkowska, E. Boros, J. Kucharski
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 544-552abstractdownload PDF

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