Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007)

No. 9

The influence of long-term sewage sludge application on the activity of phosphatases in the rhizosphere of plants
J. Balík, D. Pavlíková, V. Vaněk, M. Kulhánek, B. Kotková
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 375-381abstractdownload PDF
The influence of different intensities of phosphorus fertilizing on available phosphorus contents in soils and uptake by plants
M. Kulhánek, J. Balík, J. Černý, V. Nedvěd, B. Kotková
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 382-387abstractdownload PDF
Spring malt barley response to elemental sulphur – the prognostic value of N and S concentrations in malt barley leaves
W. Grzebisz, K. Przygocka-Cyna
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 388-394abstractdownload PDF
Effect of phosphoric fertilizers as a source of sulphur on malt barley total and technological grain yields
J. Potarzycki, W. Grzebisz
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 395-402abstractdownload PDF
Role of cultivation conditions in potato sloughing as indicated by CPEM method
A. Hejlová, J. Blahovec
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 403-412abstractdownload PDF
Survey of molecular phylogenetics
M. Talianová
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 413-416abstractdownload PDF
dCAPS method: advantages, troubles and solution
M. Hrubá
Plant Soil Environ., 53 (2007): 417-420abstractdownload PDF

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