Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008)

No. 11

The changes of soil nitrogen and carbon contents in a long-term field experiment under different systems of nitrogen fertilization
V. Nedvěd, J. Balík, J. Černý, M. Kulhánek, M. Balíková
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 463-470abstractdownload PDF
Response of the Czech hybrid hop cultivar Agnus to the term of pruning, depth of pruning and number of trained bines
J. Křivánek, J. Pulkrábek, R. Chaloupský, T. Kudrna, J. Pokorný
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 471-478abstractdownload PDF
Effects of road deicing salts on soil microorganisms
J. Černohlávková, J. Hofman, T. Bartoš, M. Sáňka, P. Anděl
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 479-485abstractdownload PDF
Biogeochemical effect of karst soil on the element contents in the leaves of two species of Flos Lonicerae
Q. Li, J. Cao, L. Yu
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 486-492abstractdownload PDF
Kinetics of the antioxidant response to salinity in the halophyte Limonium bicolour
Y. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 493-497abstractdownload PDF
Rhizobia associated with neotropical tree Centrolobium tomentosum used in riparian restoration
M.C. Pagano
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 498-508abstractdownload PDF

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