Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008)

No. 5

The effect of different rates and forms of applied sulphur on nutrient composition of planted crops
M. Skwierawska, L. Zawartka, B. Zawadzki
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 179-189abstractdownload PDF
Influence of the fertilization on the winter wheat in the crop rotations and in the long-term monoculture
M. Babulicová
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 190-196abstractdownload PDF
Fluctuations of nitrogen levels in soil profile under conditions of a long-term fertilization experiment
W. Sądej, K. Przekwas
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 197-203abstractdownload PDF
Soil biological activity of mulching and cut/harvested land set aside
M. Růžková, L. Růžek, K. Voříšek
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 204-211abstractdownload PDF
The changes in microbial biomass C and N in long-term field experiments
J. Černý, J. Balík, M. Kulhánek, V. Nedvěd
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 212-218abstractdownload PDF
Long-term field experiments – museum relics or scientific challenge?
W. Merbach, A. Deubel
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 219-226abstractdownload PDF

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