Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008)

No. 6

Effects of NaCl on protein profiles of tetraploid and hexaploid wheat species and their diploid wild progenitors
M. Yıldız, H. Terzi
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 227-233abstractdownload PDF
Drinking water treatment residuals as an amendment to alkaline soils: Effects on bioaccumulation of heavy metals and aluminum in corn plants
A.M. Mahdy, E.A. Elkhatib, N.O. Fathi
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 234-246abstractdownload PDF
The influence of organic fertilizers application on phosphorus and potassium bioavailabilit
A. Hanč, P. Tlustoš, J. Száková, J. Balík
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 247-254abstractdownload PDF
Topography impact on nutrition content in soil and yield
J. Kumhálová, Š. Matějková, M. Fifernová, J. Lipavský, F. Kumhála
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 255-261abstractdownload PDF
Effect of cadmium and lead on growth, biochemical parameters and uptake in Lemna polyrrhizaL.
R. John, P. Ahmad, K. Gadgil, S. Sharma
Plant Soil Environ., 54 (2008): 262-270abstractdownload PDF

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