Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009)

No. 1

Soil compaction modifies morphological characteristics of seminal maize roots
B. Konôpka, L. Pagès, C. Doussan
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 1-10abstractdownload PDF
The influence of fertilisation and crop rotation on soil microbial characteristics in the long-term field experiment
O. Mikanová, M. Friedlová, T. Šimon
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 11-16abstractdownload PDF
Competition of some summer catch crops and volunteer cereals in the areas with limited precipitation
V. Brant, K. Neckář, J. Pivec, M. Duchoslav, J. Holec, P. Fuksa, V. Venclová
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 17-24abstractdownload PDF
Changes in fungal communities in organically fertilized soil
B. Cwalina-Ambroziak, T. Bowszys
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 25-32abstractdownload PDF
Effect of perforated foil and polypropylene fibre covers on growth of early potato cultivars
W. Wadas, E. Kosterna, A. Kurowska
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 33-41abstractdownload PDF
Boron sorption in soils and its extractability by soil tests (Mehlich 3, ammonium acetate and water extraction)
J. Matula
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 42-49abstractdownload PDF

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