Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009)

No. 12
Index of volume 55 (2009), List of reviewers
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): I-VIdownload PDF
Possible phosphorus losses from the top layer of agricultural soils by rainfall simulations in relation to multi-nutrient soil tests
J. Matula
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 511-518abstractdownload PDF
Effect of zinc foliar application on grain yield of maize and its yielding compone
J. Potarzycki, W. Grzebisz
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 519-527abstractdownload PDF
The effect of zeolite, organic and inorganic fertilizers on soil chemical properties, growth and biomass yield of apple trees
T. Milosevic, N. Milosevic
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 528-535abstractdownload PDF
Influence of nitrogen fertilizer injection (CULTAN) on yield, yield components formation and quality of winter wheat grain
O. Kozlovský, J. Balík, J. Černý, M. Kulhánek, M. Kos, M. Prášilová
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 536-543abstractdownload PDF
Microbial biomass dynamics after addition of EDTA into heavy metal contaminated soils
G. Mühlbachová
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 544-550abstractdownload PDF
Leaf growth under temperature and light control
J. Repková, M. Brestič, K. Olšovská
Plant Soil Environ., 55 (2009): 551-557abstractdownload PDF

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