Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011)

No. 1
Determination of dissolved reactive and dissolved total phosphorus in water extract of soils
J. Matula
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 1-6abstractdownload PDF
Impact of tryptophan and glutamine on the tissue culture of upland rice
E. Shahsavari
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 7-10abstractdownload PDF
Impact of atmospheric ammonia on growth, C and N accumulation and photosynthesis of two maize cultivars with different N root supply
L.X. Zhang, H. Qiang, S.Q. Li, X.L. Chen
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 11-18abstractdownload PDF
Effect of magnesium or zinc supplementation at the background of nitrogen rate on nitrogen management by maize canopy cultivated in monoculture
J. Potarzycki
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 19-25abstractdownload PDF
The effect of salinity stress on ions and soluble sugars distribution in leaves, leaf sheaths and roots of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings
I. Nemati, F. Moradi, S. Gholizadeh, M.A. Esmaeili, M.R. Bihamta
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 26-33abstractdownload PDF
Oxidative stress and change in plant metabolism of maize (Zea mays L.) growing in contaminated soil with elemental sulfur and toxic effect of zinc
Y. Cui, N. Zhao
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 34-39abstractdownload PDF
Cumulative effects of 20-year exclusion of livestock grazing on above- and belowground biomass of typical steppe communities in arid areas of the Loess Plateau, China
J. Cheng, G.L. Wu, L.P. Zhao, Y. Li, W. Li, J.M. Cheng
Plant Soil Environ., 57 (2011): 40-44abstractdownload PDF

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