Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014)

No. 1
Original Paper
The impact of nitrogen fertilizer injection on kernel yield and yield formation of maize
K. Kubešová, J. Balík, O. Sedlář, L. Peklová
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 1-7abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Contribution of root respiration to soil respiration in a rape (Brassica campestris L.) field in Southwest China
Q. Hao, C. Jiang
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 8-14abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of land use on soil enzyme activities at karst area  in Nanchuan, Chongqing, Southwest China

Q. Li, J.H. Liang, Y.Y. He, Q.J. Hu, S. Yu
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 15-20abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Soil structure and carbon distribution in subsoil affected by vegetation restoration

F.Z. Zhao, X.H. Han, G.H. Yang, Y.Z. Feng, G.X. Ren
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 21-26abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of site-specific weed management in winter crops on yield and weed populations
P. Hamouz, K. Hamouzová, L. Tyšer, J. Holec
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 27-35abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Machinery guidance systems analysis concerning pass-to-pass accuracy as a tool for efficient plant production in fields and for soil damage reduction
Z. Kvíz, M. Kroulik, J. Chyba
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 36-42abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Cadmium uptake and translocation in durum wheat varieties differing in grain-Cd accumulation
I. Arduini, A. Masoni, M. Mariotti, S. Pana, L. Ercoli
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 43-49abstractdownload PDF

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