Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014)

No. 12
Index of volume 60
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Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): I-VIIIdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of nitrogen fertilization on flag leaf and ear photosynthesis and grain yield of spring wheat
J. Olszewski, M. Makowska, A. Pszczółkowska, A. Okorski, T. Bieniaszewski
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 531-536abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of long-term chemical fertilization on trends of rice yield and nutrient use efficiency under double rice cultivation in subtropical China
L. Bi, J. Xia, K. Liu, D. Li, X. Yu
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 537-543abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of long-term fertilization and cropping regimes on total nitrogen and organic nitrogen forms in a Mollisol of Northeast China

J.J. Zhang, H. Li, H.J. Gao, P. Zhu, Q. Gao, L.C. Wang
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 544-549abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Nitrogen use efficiency of maize and spring barley under potassium fertilization in long-term field experiment
A. Rutkowska, D. Pikuła, W. Stępień
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 550-554abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Phosphate fertilizer value of heat treated sewage sludge ash

M. Severin, J. Breuer, M. Rex, J. Stemann, Ch. Adam, H. Van den Weghe, M. Kücke
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 555-561abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determination of the influence of herbicides on dicotyledons plant transpiration using the sap flow method
V. Brant, J. Pivec, K. Hamouzová, P. Zábranský, J. Satrapová, M. Škeříková
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 562-568abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonisation of Cry3 toxin-producing Bt maize and near isogenic maize
A. Seres, I. Kiss, P. Nagy, P. Sály, B. Darvas, G. Bakonyi
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 569-573abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Efficacy of the herbicide GF-2581 (penoxsulam + florasulam) against broadleaf weeds in olives

I.S. Travlos, M. Lysandrou, V. Apostolidis
Plant Soil Environ., 60 (2014): 574-579abstractdownload PDF

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