Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015)

No. 9
Original Paper

Nitrous oxide fluxes from soil under different crops and fertilizer management

P.A. Nugroho, M. Shimizu, H. Nakamato, A. Nagatake, S. Suwardi, U. Sudadi, R. Hatano
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 385-392abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of weather and the term of malting on malt quality
H. Fišerová, I. Hartman, J. Prokeš
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 393-398abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of nitrogen and sulphur fertilization on the quality of barley protein
Y. Dostálová, L. Hřivna, B. Kotková, I. Burešová, M. Janečková, V. Šottníková
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 399-404abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

A microbial biomass and respiration of soil, peat and decomposing plant litter in a raised mire

S. Hall, D.W. Hopkins
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 405-409abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Winter oilseed rape and winter wheat growth prediction using remote sensing methods  

J.A. Domínguez, J. Kumhálová, P. Novák
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 410-416abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Yield potential and antioxidant activity of potatoes with coloured flesh
K. Pazderů, K. Hamouz, J. Lachman, P. Kasal
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 417-421abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Influence of sowing density on agronomic traits of lupins (Lupinus spp.)
A. Pospišil, M. Pospišil
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 422-425abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Production results of intensification of cultivation technologies in three lupin (Lupinus L.) species
M. Borowska, J. Prusinski, E. Kaszkowiak
Plant Soil Environ., 61 (2015): 426-431abstractdownload PDF

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