Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016)

No. 10
Original Paper
The effect of soil tillage and herbicide treatments on the incidence of Fusarium fungi genus in the grain of rye  
H. Gołębiowska, E. Pląskowska, R. Weber, R. Kieloch
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 435-440abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

High-methionine soybean has no adverse effect on functional diversity of rhizosphere microorganisms  

J.G. Liang, L.T. Xin, F. Meng, S. Sun, C.X. Wu, H.Y. Wu, M.R. Zhang, H.F. Zhang, X.B. Zheng, Z.G. Zhang
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 441-446abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of adjuvants and carriers on propoxycarbazone and pyroxsulam efficacy on Bromus sterilis in winter wheat  
M. Jursík, M. Kolářová, J. Soukup, V. Žďárková
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 447-452abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of Sb16 bacterial strain and herbicides on endophytic bacterial populations and growth of aerobic rice  
A. Nahi, R. Othman, D. Omar
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 453-459abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of calcium on reducing salt stress in seed germination and early growth stage of Festuca ovina L.  
F. Salahshoor, F. Kazemi
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 460-466abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Emissions of ammonia following glyphosate application on Urochloa decumbens  

V. Damin, P.C.O. Trivelin, J.A. Bonassi, A.C. Vitti
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 467-473abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Carotenoids in potatoes – a short overview  
J. Lachman, K. Hamouz, M. Orsák, Z. Kotíková
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 474-481abstractdownload PDF

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