Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016)

No. 8
Original Paper
Effect of altitude and age of stands on physiological response of three dominant plants in forests of the Western Carpathians  
H. Hniličková, M. Kuklová, F. Hnilička, J. Kukla
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 341-347abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Mycotoxins and related Fusarium species in preharvest maize ear rot in Poland  
K. Gromadzka, K. Górna, J. Chełkowski, A. Waśkiewicz
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 348-354abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Changes of risky element concentrations under organic and mineral fertilization  
L. Hlisnikovský, G. Mühlbachová, E. Kunzová, M. Hejcman, M. Pechová
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 355-360abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Interactive effects of salinity and ozonated water on yield components of cucumber  

E. Peykanpour, A.M. Ghehsareh, J. Fallahzade, M. Najarian
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 361-366abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Efficacy of 15N-nitrogen in fertilization of pea mixtures with wheat, barley, and oats  
A. Rutkowska, D. Pikuła
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 367-372abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Meat and bone meal as fertilizer for spring barley  
A. Nogalska
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 373-378abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Possibility of selenium biofortification of winter wheat grain  
L. Ducsay, O. Ložek, M. Marček, M. Varényiová, P. Hozlár, T. Lošák
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 379-383abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Planting density impact on weed infestation and the yield of Miscanthus grown on two soil types  
J. Maksimović, R. Pivić, A. Stanojković-Sebić, M. Vučić-Kišgeci, B. Kresović, Z. Dinić, Đ. Glamočlija
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 384-388abstractdownload PDF

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