Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017)

No. 2

Original Paper
Fertilization efficiency of wood ash pellets amended by gypsum and superphosphate in the ryegrass growth    
Pavla Ochecová, Filip Mercl, Zdeněk Košnář, Pavel Tlustoš
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 47-54abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Arsenic reactions and brake fern (Pteris vittata L.) uptake  in tropical soils  
Hue Van Nguyen, Amjad Ahmad
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 55-61abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Transgenic Bt cotton inhibited arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus differentiation and colonization  
Xiuhua Chen, Rui Zhang, Fengling Wang
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 62-69abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Grain sorghum transpiration efficiency at different growth stages  
Sushil Thapa, Bob A. Stewart, Qingwu Xue
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 70-75abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Influence of sowing and harvest dates on production of two different cultivars of sugar beet  
Klára Pavlů, Jaromír Chochola, Josef Pulkrábek, Jaroslav Urban
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 76-81abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Do cover crop sowing date and fertilization affect field weed suppression?  
Dominic J. Sturm, Christoph Kunz, Gerassimos Peteinatos, Roland Gerhards
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 82-88abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of combined fertilization with rock phosphate and elemental sulphur on yield and nutrient uptake of soybean  
Sahar Brahim, Anne Niess, Matthias Pflipsen, Daniel Neuhoff, Heinrich Scherer
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 89-95abstractdownload PDF

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