Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017)

No. 3
Original Paper
N2O emission and nitrogen and carbon leaching from the soil in relation to long-term and current mineral and organic fertilization – a laboratory study  
Tomasz Sosulski, Ewa Szara, Magdalena Szymańska, Wojciech Stępień
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 97-104abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Fertilizer type influences tomato yield and soil N2O emissions  
Luca Vitale, Franca Polimeno, Lucia Ottaiano, Giuseppe Maglione, Anna Tedeschi, Mauro Mori, Anna De Marco, Paul Di Tommasi, Vincenzo Magliulo
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 105-110abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of the same microbial products on basic biological activities of soil under cereal crops  
Anna Gałązka, Karolina Gawryjołek, Anna Kocoń
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 111-116abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of the herbicides benfluralin, metribuzin and propyzamide on the survival and weight of earthworms (Octodrilus complanatus)  
Ilias S. Travlos, Trisevgeni Gkotsi, Ioannis Roussis, Charis-Konstantina Kontopoulou, Ioanna Kakabouki, Dimitrios J. Bilalis
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 117-124abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Organic carbon content and its liable components in paddy soil under water-saving irrigation  
Yan Ma, Junzeng Xu, Qi Wei, Shihong Yang, Linxian Liao, Suyan Chen, Qi Liao
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 125-130abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of nitrogen regimes on narrowing the magnitude of maize yield penalty caused by high temperature stress in North China Plain  
Peng Yan, Yuanquan Chen, Adamou Dadouma, Zhiqiang Tao, Peng Sui
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 131-138abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of heat stress at anthesis on yield formation in winter wheat  
Marcela Hlaváčová, Karel Klem, Pavlína Smutná, Petr Škarpa, Petr Hlavinka, Kateřina Novotná, Barbora Rapantová, Miroslav Trnka
Plant Soil Environ., 63 (2017): 139-144abstractdownload PDF

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