Plant Soil Environ., 65 (2019)

No. 4

Original Paper

Comparison of growth of annual crops used for salinity bioremediation in the semi-arid irrigation area

Kidia K Gelaye, Franz Zehetner, Willibald Loiskandl, Andreas Klik
Plant Soil Environ., 65 (2019): 165-171abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Comparison of the effect of various long-term fertilization systems on the content and fractional composition of humic compounds in Lessive soil

Wiera Sądej, Andrzej Cezary Żołnowski
Plant Soil Environ., 65 (2019): 172-180abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Experimental study on soil erosion under different soil composition using rainfall simulator

Akihiro Hamanaka, Takashi Sasaoka, Hideki Shimada, Shinji Matsumoto
Plant Soil Environ., 65 (2019): 181-188abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Fertilization effects on CH4, N2O and CO2 fluxes from a subtropical double rice cropping system

Ye Yuan, Xiaoqin Dai, Huimin Wang
Plant Soil Environ., 65 (2019): 189-197abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Maize production and field CO2 emission under different straw return rates in Northeast China

Chunming Jiang, Wantai Yu
Plant Soil Environ., 65 (2019): 198-204abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The effect of stand structure on the grain quality of spring barley

Jan Křen, Martin Houšť, Ludvík Tvarůžek, Zdeněk Jergl
Plant Soil Environ., 65 (2019): 205-210abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Ammonium nitrate enriched with sulfur influences wheat yield and soil properties

Monika Tabak, Andrzej Lepiarczyk, Barbara Filipek-Mazur, Paweł Bachara
Plant Soil Environ., 65 (2019): 211-217abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Impact of maize growth on N2O emission from farmland soil

Liang Wang, Yan Meng, Guoqing Chen, Xiaoyu Liu, Lan Wang, Yuhai Chen
Plant Soil Environ., 65 (2019): 218-224abstractdownload PDF

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