Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005)

No. 12
Index Volume 51
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): I-IVdownload PDF
Effect of nickel contamination on soil enzymatic activities
J. Wyszkowska, J. Kucharski, E. Boros
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 523-531abstractdownload PDF
The application of diffusive gradient technique (DGT) for assessment of changes in Cd, Pb, and Zn mobility in rhizosphere
Z. Fischerová, J. Száková, D. Pavlíková, P. Tlustoš
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 532-538abstractdownload PDF
The effects of calcareous sapropel application on the changes of Haplic Luvisols chemical properties and crop yield
E. Bakšienė, V. Janušienė
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 539-544abstractdownload PDF
Water logging may inhibit plant growth primarily by nutrient deficiency rather than nutrient toxicity
D. Steffens, B.W. Hütsch, T. Eschholz, T. Lošák, S. Schubert
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 545-552abstractdownload PDF
Distribution of nitrogen in wheat plant in its late growth stages with regard to organic fertilisation and mineral nitrogen rate
B. Čeh-Brežnik, A. Tajnšek
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 553-561abstractdownload PDF
An estimation of subsurface total drainage quantity in non-steady state drainage flow, and its verification in loamy soils
J. Štibinger
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 562-571abstractdownload PDF

No. 11
Red and purple coloured potatoes as a significant antioxidant source in human nutrition – a review
J. Lachman, K. Hamouz
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 477-482abstractdownload PDF
The use of molecular markers for characterisation of spring barley for breeding to Fusarium head blight resistance
M. Špunarová, J. Ovesná, L. Tvarůžek, L. Kučera, J. Špunar, I. Hollerová
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 483-490abstractdownload PDF
Chloroplast ultrastructural development in vascular bundle sheath cells of two different maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes
A. Vičánková, J. Kutík
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 491-495abstractdownload PDF
Benzothiazole derivatives substituted in position 2 as biologically active substances with plant growth regulation activity
E. Šimonová, M. Henselová, P. Zahradník
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 496-505abstractdownload PDF
Phenolic compounds as chemical markers of low taxonomic levels in the family Poaceae
V. Míka, V. Kubáň, B. Klejdus, V. Odstrčilová, P. Nerušil
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 506-512abstractdownload PDF
Effect of cadmium on flavonoid content in young barley (Hordeum sativum L.) plants
J. Lachman, J. Dudjak, D. Miholová, D. Kolihová, V. Pivec
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 513-516abstractdownload PDF
The influence of herbicides and their mixtures on total proteins content and on proper proteins in potato tubers
K. Zarzecka, M. Gugała
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 517-522abstractdownload PDF

No. 10
The effect of selected factors on the content of protein and nitrates in potato tubers
J. Lachman, K. Hamouz, P. Dvořák, M. Orsák
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 431-438abstractdownload PDF
Microbial biomass-C determined using CaCl2 and K2SO4 as extraction reagents
L. Růžek, M. Nováková, K. Voříšek, I. Skořepová, L. Vortelová, Z. Kalfařová, J. Černý, T. Částka, W. Barabasz
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 439-446abstractdownload PDF
Factors of spatial distribution of forest floor properties in the Jizerské Mountains
L. Borůvka, L. Mládková, O. Drábek, R. Vašát
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 447-455abstractdownload PDF
Mercury and methylmercury in plants from differently contaminated sites in Slovakia
R. Doiová
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 456-463abstractdownload PDF
Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxines and dibenzofurans in agricultural soils of the Czech Republic
R. Vácha, M. Vysloužilová, V. Horváthová
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 464-468abstractdownload PDF
Compounds of natural origin inducing winter wheat resistance to powdery mildew (Blumeria graminis f.sp. tritici)
L. Věchet, J. Martinková, M. Šindelářová, L. Burketová
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 469-475abstractdownload PDF

No. 9
The influence of mycorrhizal fungi (Glomus sp.) on field pea plant survival and growthin drought caused stress conditions
S. Kristek, A. Kristek, H. Pavlović
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 385-389abstractdownload PDF
Genotype and environmental interaction of certain indices of dormancy in winter wheat
A. Binek, M. Moś
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 390-396abstractdownload PDF
The effect of ecological growing on the potatoes yield and quality
K. Hamouz, J. Lachman, P. Dvořák, V. Pivec
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 397-402abstractdownload PDF
The implication of seed treatment of winter oilseed rape
J. Kazda, P. Baranyk, D. Nerad
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 403-409abstractdownload PDF
Changes in the zinc content in the meadow sward under conditions of a long-term static fertilizer experiment (Czarny Potok)
M. Kopeć
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 410-415abstractdownload PDF
15N natural abundances in two podsol soils of two spruce forests differing in their atmospheric N deposition conditions
S.P. Sah
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 416-422abstractdownload PDF
Productivity of willow coppice plants grown in short rotations
S. Szczukowski, M. Stolarski, J. Tworkowski, J. Przyborowski, A. Klasa
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 423-430abstractdownload PDF

No. 8
Approximation of landfill drainage discharge by De Zeeuw-Hellinga model, and its verificationon sanitary landfill of solid domestic waste
J. Štibinger
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 335-342abstractdownload PDF
SIMWASER model as a tool for the assessment of soil water balance
M. Šťastná, E. Stenitzer
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 343-350abstractdownload PDF
The response of antioxidant enzymes of three soybean varieties to molybdenum and boron in soil with a connection to plant quality
P. Liu, Y.S. Yang, G.D. Xu, Y.H. Fang, Y.A. Yang
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 351-359abstractdownload PDF
Effect of enzymatic activity of diesel oil contaminated soil on the chemical composition of oat (Avena sativa L.) and maize (Zea mays L.)
M. Wyszkowski, J. Wyszkowska
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 360-367abstractdownload PDF
Influence of gypsum treatment on extractability of nutrients from soils
J. Matula, M. Pechová
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 368-375abstractdownload PDF
Particular aspects of environmental impact of potentially risk elements from airborne particulate matter
J. Száková, J. Sysalová, P. Tlustoš
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 376-383abstractdownload PDF

No, 7
Silage maize (Zea mays L.) seedlings emergence as influenced by soil compaction treatments and contact pressures
O.F. Taser, O. Kara
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 289-295abstractdownload PDF
Separation of soil and canopy reflectance signatures of Mid German agricultural soils
T. Behrens, K. Gregor, W. Diepenbrock
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 296-303abstractdownload PDF
Chlortoluron behavior in five different soil types
M. Kočárek, R. Kodešová, J. Kozák, O. Drábek, O. Vacek
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 304-309abstractdownload PDF
Single and dual-permeability models of chlorotoluron transport in the soil profile
R. Kodešová, J. Kozák, J. Šimůnek, O. Vacek
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 310-315abstractdownload PDF
Mobility of lead, zinc and cadmium in alluvial soils heavily polluted by smelting industry
A. Vaněk, L. Borůvka, O. Drábek, M. Mihaljevič, M. Komárek
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 316-321abstractdownload PDF
Trichoderma and sulphoethyl glucan reduce maize root rot infestation and fusaric acid content
A. Šrobárová, Š. Eged
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 322-327abstractdownload PDF
Effect of zinc application on quality traits of barley in semi arid zones of Turkey
G. Kinaci, E. Kinaci
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 328-334abstractdownload PDF

No. 6
Soil and plant pollution by potentially toxic elements in Slovakia
J. Kobza
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 243-248abstractdownload PDF
The measurement of plant residues distribution quality after harvest by conventional and axial combine harvesters
F. Kumhála, Z. Kvíz, J. Mašek, P. Procházka
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 249-254abstractdownload PDF
Effects of winter wheat cover crop desiccation times on soil moisture, temperature and early maize growth
B. Stipešević, E.J. Kladivko
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 255-261abstractdownload PDF
Digested residue as a fertilizer after the mesophilic process of anaerobic digestion
N. Voća, T. Krička, T. Ćosić, V. Rupić, Ž. Jukić, S. Kalambura
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 262-266abstractdownload PDF
Nitrogen transfers from Vicia sativa L. and Trifolium resupinatum L. to the companion grass and the following crop
W. Opitz von Boberfeld, E. Beckmann, H. Laser
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 267-275abstractdownload PDF
Aliphatic compounds, organic C and N and microbial biomass and its activity in long-term field experiment
T. Šimon
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 276-282abstractdownload PDF
The allelopathic effects of juglone and walnut leaf extracts on yield, growth, chemical and PNE compositions of strawberry cv. Fern
S. Ercisli, A. Esitken, C. Turkkal, E. Orhan
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 283-287abstractdownload PDF

No. 5
The effect of molybdenum and boron in soil on the growth and photosynthesis of three soybean varieties
P. Liu, Y.S. Yang, G.D. Xu, Y.H. Shi, Y.A. Yang, R.M. Kalin
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 197-205abstractdownload PDF
Photosynthetic performance of two maize genotypes as affected by chilling stress
K. Kosová, D. Haisel, I. Tichá
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 206-212abstractdownload PDF
Effect of temperature and moisture on O2 evolution rate of cultivated Phaeozem: analyses of a long-term field experiment
V.O. Lopes de Gerenyu, I.N. Kurganova, L.N. Rozanova, V.N. Kudeyarov
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 213-219abstractdownload PDF
Aluminium induced esterase activity and isozyme pattern in barley root tip
L. Tamás, J. Huttová, I. Mistrík, M. Šimonovičová, B. Široká
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 220-225abstractdownload PDF
Effect of nonwoven polypropylene covers on early tuber yield of potato crops
R. Jabłońska-Ceglarek, W. Wadas
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 226-231abstractdownload PDF
The effect of nitrogen fertilization and anti-fungal plant protection on sugar beet yielding
M. Pytlarz-Kozicka
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 232-236abstractdownload PDF
Changes in the biomass production and total soluble protein spectra of nitrate-fed and nitrogen-fixing soybeans subjected to gradual water stress
E. Kirova, D. Nedeva, A. Nikolova, G. Ignatov
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 237-242abstractdownload PDF

No. 4
Polymorphism of prolamin proteins of the grain of triticale varieties certifiedin the Czech Republic
T. Vyhnánek, J. Bednář
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 151-155abstractdownload PDF
An evaluation of the efficiency of cultural plants to remove heavy metals from growing mediu
R. Hajiboland
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 156-164abstractdownload PDF
Soil organic carbon and nitrogen characteristics in differently used grasslands at sites with drainage and without drainage
R. Dufková, T. Kvítek, J. Voldřichová
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 165-172abstractdownload PDF
Methods to evaluate substrate degradability in anaerobic digestion and biogas production
L. Kolář, F. Klimeš, J. Gergel, S. Kužel, M. Kobes, R. Ledvina, M. Šindelářová
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 173-178abstractdownload PDF
The influence of soil treatment by untreated and composted tannery sludge on yield, nutrient status, and chromium content in selected crops
K. Gondek
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 179-192abstractdownload PDF
Effect of genotypic background on haploid production through embryo rescue in wheat × maize crosses – Short Communication
N. Singh, R.K. Behl, M.S. Punia
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 193-196abstractdownload PDF

No. 3
The effect of sites and years on the technological quality of winter wheat grain
J. Kučerová
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 101-109abstractdownload PDF
Evaluation of MACRO model by short-term water and solute transport simulation in Maury silt loam soil
H. Merdun, V.L. Quisenberry
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 110-123abstractdownload PDF
The effect of soil conservation tillage on soil moisture dynamics under single cropping and crop rotation
K. Kováč, M. Macák, M. Švančárková
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 124-130abstractdownload PDF
Forage characteristics of Vicia sativa L. and Trifolium resupinatum L. in catch crop systems under Central European conditions
W. Opitz von Boberfeld, E. Beckmann, H. Laser
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 131-136abstractdownload PDF
Conservation effects on the botanical composition of grass swards in the hilly soils of West Lithuania
D. Zableckienė, B. Butkutė
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 137-143abstractdownload PDF
The influence of the year, fore-crops and fertilisation on yield and content of crude protein in spring barley
M. Příkopa, R. Richter, J. Zimolka, R. Cerkal
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 144-150abstractdownload PDF

No. 2
Resistance to salinity stress and available water levels at the seedling stage of the common vetch (Vicia sativa L.)
A. Orak, E. Ateş
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 51-56abstractdownload PDF
The antioxidative response of two tomato species with different drought tolerances as a result of drought and cadmium stress combinations
S. Ünyayar, Y. Keleş, F.Ö. Çekiç
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 57-64abstractdownload PDF
Alleles controlling apple skin colour and incompatibility in new Czech apple varieties with different degrees of resistance against Venturia inaequalis CKE.
M. Melounová, P. Vejl, P. Sedlák, J. Blažek, J. Zoufalá, Z. Milec, H. Blažková
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 65-73abstractdownload PDF
The evaluation method of potato genotype resistance to blackspot bruise
J. Domkářová, B. Vokál
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 74-81abstractdownload PDF
Characterisation of resistance genes resources against late blight available for Czech potato breeding by means of selected DNA markers
P. Sedlák, P. Vejl, M. Melounová, P. Křenek, J. Domkářová, J. Zoufalá
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 82-86abstractdownload PDF
The effect of plant growth regulators and chlorsulfuron on electrophoretic profiles of soluble proteins, polypeptides and antioxidant enzymes in maize seedlings
D. Nedeva, S. Petkova, Y. Angelova, L. Iliev
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 87-93abstractdownload PDF
The trnL-F plastid DNA characters of three Poa pratensis (Kentucky bluegrass) varieties
S.D. Stoneberg Holt, L. Horová, P. Bureš, J. Janeček, V. Černoch
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 94-99abstractdownload PDF

No. 1
Low-cost agricultural measures to reduce heavy metal transfer into the food chain – a review
M. Puschenreiter, O. Horak, W. Friesl, W. Hartl
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 1-11abstractdownload PDF
The application of sludge on agriculturally used soils and the problemof persistent organic pollutants
R. Vácha, V. Horváthová, M. Vysloužilová
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 12-18abstractdownload PDF
The role of titanium in biomass production and its influence on essential elements’ contents in field growing crops
P. Tlustoš, P. Cígler, M. Hrubý, S. Kužel, J. Száková, J. Balík
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 19-25abstractdownload PDF
The availability of Cd, Pb and Zn and their relationships with soil pH and microbial biomass in soils amended by natural clinoptilolite
G. Mühlbachová, T. Šimon, M. Pechová
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 26-33abstractdownload PDF
The effects of mineral treatment and the amendments by organic and organomineral fertilisers on the crop yield, plant nutrient status and soil properties
K. Gondek, B. Filipek-Mazur
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 34-45abstractdownload PDF
The use of Spectroquant Merck BOD photometric test to evaluate the stabilityof organic matters in soil
L. Kolář, S. Kužel, A. Hanušová, J. Gergel, R. Ledvina, M. Šindelářová, Š. Silovská, P. Štindl
Plant Soil Environ., 51 (2005): 46-50abstractdownload PDF

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