Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016)

No. 12

Volume 62, Contents Author Index 2016  
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): I-VIIIdownload PDF
Original Paper

The nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate decreases leaf nitrate content in lettuce while maintaining yield and N2O emissions in the Savanna of Bogotá  

X. Huérfano, S. Menéndez, M.M. Bolaños-Benavides, M.B. González-Moro, J.M. Estavillo, C. González-Murua
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 533-539abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Differential responses of root and root hair traits of spring wheat genotypes to phosphorus deficiency in solution culture  

Y.S. Wang, L.S. Jensen, J. Magid
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 540-546abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Stimulation sorghum seed leading to enlargement of optimum conditions during germination and emergence  
J. Adamčík, J. Tomášek, J. Pulkrábek, K. Pazderů, P. Dvořák
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 547-551abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of ozonation on microbiological and chemical traits of wheat grain  
A. Woźniak, B. Nowakowicz-Dębek, A. Stępniowska, Ł. Wlazło
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 552-557abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Soil phosphorus and potassium availability in long-term field experiments with organic and mineral fertilization  
M. Káš, G. Mühlbachová, H. Kusá, M. Pechová
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 558-565abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Soil properties and yields of winter wheat after long-term growing of this crop in two contrasting rotations  
J. Smagacz, M. Kozieł, S. Martyniuk
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 566-570abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The after-effect of chosen Fabaceae forecrops on the yield of grain and protein in winter triticale (Triticosecale sp. Wittmack ex A. Camus 1927) fertilized with mineral nitrogen  
J. Prusinski, M. Borowska, E. Kaszkowiak, G. Olszak
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 571-576abstractdownload PDF

No. 11

Original Paper
Effect of various biochar rates on winter rye yield and the concentration of available nutrients in the soil  
P. Kraska, P. Oleszczuk, S. Andruszczak, E. Kwiecińska-Poppe, K. Różyło, E. Pałys, P. Gierasimiuk, Z. Michałojć
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 483-489abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Balancing the use of maize residues for soil amendment and forage  

S.Z. Tian, Z. Liu, B.W. Wang, Y. Wang, Z.J. Li, R. Lal, T.Y. Ning
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 490-496abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The influence of pre-sowing seed treatment by biologically active compounds on soybean seed quality and yield  
P. Procházka, P. Štranc, K. Pazderů, J. Štranc
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 497-501abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Spatial variability of soil nitrogen forms and the activity of N-cycle enzymes  
J. Długosz, A. Piotrowska-Długosz
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 502-507abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Systematicness of glomalin in roots and mycorrhizosphere of a split-root trifoliate orange  

Q.-S. Wu, A.K. Srivastava, M.-Q. Cao
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 508-514abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Salt response of photosynthetic electron transport system in wheat cultivars with contrasting tolerance  

Z.W. Sun, L.K. Ren, J.W. Fan, Q. Li, K.J. Wang, M.M. Guo, L. Wang, J. Li, G.X. Zhang, Z.Y. Yang, F. Chen, X.N. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 515-521abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Field performance of potato minitubers produced in aeroponic culture  
K. Rykaczewska
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 522-526abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determination of plant-available micronutrients by the Mehlich 3 soil extractant – a proposal of critical values  
J. Zbíral
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 527-531abstractdownload PDF

No. 10

Original Paper
The effect of soil tillage and herbicide treatments on the incidence of Fusarium fungi genus in the grain of rye  
H. Gołębiowska, E. Pląskowska, R. Weber, R. Kieloch
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 435-440abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

High-methionine soybean has no adverse effect on functional diversity of rhizosphere microorganisms  

J.G. Liang, L.T. Xin, F. Meng, S. Sun, C.X. Wu, H.Y. Wu, M.R. Zhang, H.F. Zhang, X.B. Zheng, Z.G. Zhang
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 441-446abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of adjuvants and carriers on propoxycarbazone and pyroxsulam efficacy on Bromus sterilis in winter wheat  
M. Jursík, M. Kolářová, J. Soukup, V. Žďárková
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 447-452abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of Sb16 bacterial strain and herbicides on endophytic bacterial populations and growth of aerobic rice  
A. Nahi, R. Othman, D. Omar
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 453-459abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of calcium on reducing salt stress in seed germination and early growth stage of Festuca ovina L.  
F. Salahshoor, F. Kazemi
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 460-466abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Emissions of ammonia following glyphosate application on Urochloa decumbens  

V. Damin, P.C.O. Trivelin, J.A. Bonassi, A.C. Vitti
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 467-473abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Carotenoids in potatoes – a short overview  
J. Lachman, K. Hamouz, M. Orsák, Z. Kotíková
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 474-481abstractdownload PDF

No. 9

Original Paper
Physical properties of soil after 54 years of long-term fertilization and crop rotation  
I. Suwara, K. Pawlak-Zaręba, D. Gozdowski, A. Perzanowska
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 389-394abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Magnesium management in the soil-crop system – a crop rotation approach  
R. Łukowiak, W. Grzebisz, P. Barłóg
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 395-401abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
CO2 efflux and microbial activities in undisturbed soil columns in different nitrogen management  
E. Molnár, T. Szili-Kovács, I. Villányi, M. Knáb, Á. Bálint, K. Kristóf, G. Heltai
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 402-407abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluating of soil sulfur forms changes under different fertilizing systems during long-term field experiments  
M. Kulhánek, J. Balík, J. Černý, O. Sedlář, F. Vašák
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 408-415abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

15N isotope tracing of nitrogen runoff loss on red soil sloping uplands under simulated rainfall conditions  

H.J. Zheng, J.C. Zuo, L.Y. Wang, Y.J. Li, K.T. Liao
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 416-421abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Response of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) to bacterial soil inoculants and foliar fertilization  
W. Jarecki, J. Buczek, D. Bobrecka-Jamro
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 422-427abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Residue of bensulfuron methyl in soil and rice following its pre- and post-emergence application  

P. Janaki, C. Nithya, D. Kalaiyarasi, N. Sakthivel, N.K. Prabhakaram, C. Chinnusamy
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 428-434abstractdownload PDF

No. 8

Original Paper
Effect of altitude and age of stands on physiological response of three dominant plants in forests of the Western Carpathians  
H. Hniličková, M. Kuklová, F. Hnilička, J. Kukla
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 341-347abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Mycotoxins and related Fusarium species in preharvest maize ear rot in Poland  
K. Gromadzka, K. Górna, J. Chełkowski, A. Waśkiewicz
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 348-354abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Changes of risky element concentrations under organic and mineral fertilization  
L. Hlisnikovský, G. Mühlbachová, E. Kunzová, M. Hejcman, M. Pechová
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 355-360abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Interactive effects of salinity and ozonated water on yield components of cucumber  

E. Peykanpour, A.M. Ghehsareh, J. Fallahzade, M. Najarian
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 361-366abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Efficacy of 15N-nitrogen in fertilization of pea mixtures with wheat, barley, and oats  
A. Rutkowska, D. Pikuła
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 367-372abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Meat and bone meal as fertilizer for spring barley  
A. Nogalska
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 373-378abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Possibility of selenium biofortification of winter wheat grain  
L. Ducsay, O. Ložek, M. Marček, M. Varényiová, P. Hozlár, T. Lošák
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 379-383abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Planting density impact on weed infestation and the yield of Miscanthus grown on two soil types  
J. Maksimović, R. Pivić, A. Stanojković-Sebić, M. Vučić-Kišgeci, B. Kresović, Z. Dinić, Đ. Glamočlija
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 384-388abstractdownload PDF

No. 7

Original Paper

Connection between normalized difference vegetation index and yield in maize  

T. Spitkó, Z. Nagy, Z.T. Zsubori, C. Szőke, T. Berzy, J. Pintér, C.L. Marton
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 293-298abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of plant density and nitrogen rate on lodging-related stalk traits of summer maize  

D.Y. Shi, Y.H. Li, J.W. Zhang, P. Liu, B. Zhao, S.T. Dong
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 299-306abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Variation of glucosinolates concentration and root growth of horseradish as affected by nitrogen and sulphur supply  

A.R. Rivelli, F. Lelario, R. Agneta, C. Möllers, S. De Maria
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 307-313abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Accumulation capacity of ions in cabbage (Brassica oleracea L.) supplied with sea water  

M.F. Gu, N. Li, T.Y. Shao, X.H. Long, M. Brestič, H.B. Shao, J.B. Li, S. Rki
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 314-320abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Relationship between microbial functions and community structure following agricultural intensification in South American Chaco  

C. Pérez-Brandán, J. Huidobro, M. Galván, S. Vargas-Gil, J.M. Meriles
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 321-328abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of different post-anthesis water supply on the carbon isotope discrimination of winter wheat grain  
I. Raimanová, P. Svoboda, G. Kurešová, J. Haberle
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 329-334abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Correlation between photosynthetic traits and yield in sunflower  
P. Pepó, A. Novák
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 335-340abstractdownload PDF

No. 6

Original Paper
Soil wetting effects on fallow and cropland in three different soil types of the Czech Republic  
O. Holubík, M. Hrabalíková, P. Huislová, J. Vopravil
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 243-249abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Soil moisture as a factor affecting the microbiological and biochemical activity of soil  
A. Borowik, J. Wyszkowska
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 250-255abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of biostimulants and herbicides on glycoalkaloid accumulation in potato  
M. Gugała, K. Zarzecka, H. Dołęga, M. Niewęgłowski, A. Sikorska
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 256-260abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of environment of the rutin content in leaves of Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.  
S. Dražić, Đ. Glamočlija, M. Ristić, Ž. Dolijanović, M. Dražić, S. Pavlović, M. Jaramaz, D. Jaramaz
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 261-265abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Impact of irrigation and organic matter amendments on arsenic accumulation in selected vegetables  

B. Das, M.K. Pandit, K. Ray, K. Bhattacharyya, A. Pari, P. Sidhya
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 266-273abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of fertilisation with digestate on kohlrabi yields and quality  
T. Lošák, J. Hlušek, T. Válka, J. Elbl, T. Vítěz, H. Bělíková, E. Von Bennewitz
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 274-278abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Tillage effect on soil organic carbon, microbial biomass carbon and crop yield in spring wheat-field pea rotation  
S. Yeboah, R. Zhang, L. Cai, L. Li, J. Xie, Z. Luo, J. Liu, J. Wu
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 279-285abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Response of soil phosphatases to glyphosate and its formulations – Roundup (laboratory conditions)  
M. Płatkowski, A. Telesiński
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 286-292abstractdownload PDF

No. 5

Original Paper

Effect of long-term differential application of inorganic fertilizers and manure on soil CO2 emissions  

H.S. Dhadli, B.S. Brar
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 195-201abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of livestock grazing on soil nitrogen mineralization on Hulunber meadow steppe, China  
R. Yan, G. Yang, B. Chen, X. Wang, Y. Yan, X. Xin, L. Li, X. Zhu, K. Bai, Y. Rong, L. Hou
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 202-209abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The potato minituber production from microtubers in aeroponic culture  
K. Rykaczewska
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 210-214abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Microwave induced plasma optical emission spectrometry in agricultural analysis  
P. Niedzielski, L. Kozak, K. Jakubowski, W. Wachowiak, J. Wybieralska
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 215-221abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Rice yield corresponding to the seedling growth under supplemental green light in mixed light-emitting diodes  

S.X. Zhang, D.D. Huang, X.Y. Yi, S. Zhang, R. Yao, C.G. Li, A. Liang, X.P. Zhang
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 222-229abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of sulphur and nitrogen fertilization on grain yield and technological quality of spring wheat  
H. Klikocka, M. Cybulska, B. Barczak, B. Narolski, B. Szostak, A. Kobiałka, A. Nowak, E. Wójcik
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 230-236abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of cover crops on the fungal and bacterial communities in the soil under carrot cultivation  
E. Patkowska, M. Błażewicz-Woźniak, M. Konopiński, D. Wach
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 237-242abstractdownload PDF

No. 4

Original Paper
The interdependence between the leaf area index value and soil-protecting effectiveness of selected plants  
K. Klima, B. Wiśniowska-Kielian, A. Lepiarczyk
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 151-156abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Comparison of selenite (IV) and selenate (VI) effect on some oxidoreductive enzymes in soil contaminated with spent engine oil  
M. Stręk, A. Telesiński
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 157-163abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Silicon mitigates oxidative stress and has positive effects in Eucalyptus platyphylla under aluminium toxicity  

M.D.R. Lima, Jr.U.O. Barros, M.A.M. Barbosa, F.R. Segura, F.F. Silva, B.L. Batista, A.K.S. Lobato
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 164-170abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Use of terraces to mitigate the impacts of overland flow and erosion on a catchment  
P. Kovář, H. Bačinová, J. Loula, D. Fedorova
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 171-177abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Estimation of nitrogen content based on fluorescence spectrum and principal component analysis in paddy rice  

J. Yang, W. Gong, S. Shi, L. Du, J. Sun, S.-L. Song
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 178-183abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Using of hydrogen cyanide against Ditylenchus dipsaci nematode present on garlic  
M. Zouhar, O. Douda, M. Dlouhý, J. Lišková, M. Maňasová, V. Stejskal
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 184-188abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of osmotic stress on growth and osmolytes accumulation in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) plants  

G.-Q. Wu, R.-J. Feng, Q.-Z. Shui
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 189-194abstractdownload PDF

No. 3

Original Paper

The effect of catch crops cultivated in accordance with the agri-environment scheme on weed infestation of spring wheat stand  

W. Wojciechowski, J. Zawieja, A. Lehmann, T.R. Sekutowski
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 99-104abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Winter wheat: results of long-term fertilizer experiment in Prague-Ruzyně over the last 60 years  
L. Hlisnikovský, E. Kunzová, L. Menšík
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 105-113abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of application of growth regulators on the physiological and yield parameters of winter wheat under water deficit  
I. Barányiová, K. Klem
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 114-120abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Nitrogen and carbon mineralisation of different Meliaceae derivatives  
G. Marcolini, M. Toselli, M. Quartieri, P. Gioacchini, E. Baldi, G. Sorrenti, S. Mariani
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 121-127abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of various fertilization depths on ammonia volatilization in Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) forests  

J.C. Zhao, W.H. Su, S.H. Fan, C.J. Cai, X.W. Zhu, C. Peng, X.L. Tang
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 128-134abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Efficiency of nitrogen fertilization based on the fertilizer application method and type of maize cultivar (Zea mays L.)  
P. Szulc, H. Waligóra, T. Michalski, M. Rybus-Zając, P. Olejarski
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 135-142abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determination of the DNA changes in the artichoke seedlings (Cynara scolymus L.) subjected to lead and copper stresses  
M. Burak Batir, F. Candan, İ. Büyük
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 143-149abstractdownload PDF

No. 2

Original Paper
Gas exchange and Triticum sp. with different ploidy in relation to irradiance
V. Hejnák, H. Hniličková, F. Hnilička, J. Andr
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 47-52abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of different water supply on accumulation of high molecular weight glutenin subunits and glutenin macropolymers in near-isogenic wheat lines

Z.M. Dai, T.S. Xu, X.G. Li, H. Zhang, Y. Li, X.L. Zhang
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 53-59abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Allelopathic effects and weed suppressive ability of cover crops

Ch. Kunz, D.J. Sturm, D. Varnholt, F. Walker, R. Gerhards
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 60-66abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The response of population and hybrid wheat to selected agro-environmental factors
J. Buczek, W. Jarecki, D. Bobrecka-Jamro
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 67-73abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Study on some soil quality changes obtained from long-term experiments
I. Stehlíková, M. Madaras, J. Lipavský, T. Šimon
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 74-79abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Cotton seedling plants adapted to cadmium stress by enhanced activities of protective enzymes

L.T. Liu, H.C. Sun, J. Chen, Y.J. Zhang, X.D. Wang, D.X. Li, C.D. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 80-85abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of cultivar, flesh colour, locality and year on carotenoid content in potato tubers
K. Hamouz, K. Pazderů, J. Lachman, J. Čepl, Z. Kotíková
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 86-91abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Dynamics of microbial population size in rhizosphere soil of Monsanto’s Cry1Ac cotton

Y.-J. Zhang, M. Xie, D.-L. Peng, J.-J. Zhao, Z.-R. Zhang
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 92-97abstractdownload PDF

No. 1

Original Paper
The silence of the lambs? Plant diversity in abandoned sheep pens
P. Kurek, R. Steppa, G. Grzywaczewski, P. Tryjanowski
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 1-8abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of sulphur fertilizer on glutenin macropolymer content and particle size distribution in wheat grain
S. Yan, Z. Dai, X. Chen, B. Yang, F. Xu, Q. Shao, C. Zhang, W. Li
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 9-15abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Gene flow from Clearfield® rice to weedy rice under field conditions  

A.K. Engku, M. Norida, A.S. Juraimi, M.Y. Rafii, S.N.A. Abdullah, M.A. Alam
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 16-22abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Response of Beta vulgaris L. to nitrogen and micronutrients in dry environment

A.A.A. Mekdad, M.M. Rady
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 23-29abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of zinc band application on sugar beet yield, quality and nutrient uptake
P. Barłóg, A. Nowacka, R. Błaszyk
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 30-35abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Impact of long-term organic and mineral fertilization on lucerne forage yield over an 8-year period
J. Hakl, E. Kunzová, J. Konečná
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 36-41abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Changes in the content of various Fusarium mycotoxins forms in germinating winter wheat and spring barley kernels
K. Pazderů, Z. Vepříková, I. Capouchová, P. Konvalina, E. Prokinová, D. Janovská, A. Škeříková, H. Honsová
Plant Soil Environ., 62 (2016): 42-46abstractdownload PDF

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