Soil condition threats in two seasons of extreme weather conditions C., Smutný V., Percze A., Pósa B., Birkás M. (2015): Soil condition threats in two seasons of extreme weather conditions. Plant Soil Environ., 61: 151-157.
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This research started from the observation that soil state defects that occur in a season may result in even more serious after-effects in the following year. The objective of this study was to investigate the striking forms of deterioration in a Chernozem soil that occurred both in the surface and in the deeper layer. In one respect, dust formation, crumb reduction, surface silting, and surface crusting were studied, and an attempt to investigate additional consequences of the dust sedimentation to the nearest compacted layer was made. The degree of the soil deterioration was compared under treatments of bare and covered surfaces and in degraded and preserved soil conditions setting in the selected parts of a long-term trial. Surface cover significantly influenced soil vulnerability resulting in different responses of soil attributes. The surface crust reducing effects of a higher (≥ 55%) surface cover ratio and a lower proportion of dust could statistically be proven (P < 0.001). A favourable rate of surface cover reliably reduced the ratio of clods produced by primary tillage in dry (0.138–0.158 g/g) soil. The results indicate that it is possible to complete methods adaptable to the climate threats mitigation.
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