Assessment of the glomalins content in the soil under winter wheat in different crop production systemsłązka A., Gawryjołek K., Gajda A., Furtak K., Księżniak A., Jończyk K. (2018): Assessment of the glomalins content in the soil under winter wheat in different crop production systems. Plant Soil Environ., 64: 32-37.
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The aim of the study was to evaluate the glomalins content (total glomalin (TG), easily extractable glomalin (EEG) and glomalin-related soil proteins (GRSP)) in the soil under winter wheat from different crop production systems. The experiment involved four different cultivation systems: organic, integrated (INT), conventional (CON), monoculture-conventional (MON). The highest content of TG and GRSP proteins were observed in organic system. A strong positive correlation was observed between the total number of glomalins and dehydrogenase activity and organic matter. A strong correlation between TG and GRSP content was observed (r = 0.93) as well as between EEG and GRSP (r = 0.79). The highest yields of winter wheat were observed in CON (9.12 t/ha) and INT (9.04 t/ha) systems, while the lowest in monoculture (4.47 t/ha).
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