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  • An international open access peer-reviewed journal published by the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic Published since 1955
    (by 2002 under the title Rostlinná výroba)
  • The journal is administered by an international Editorial Board
  • Editor-in-Chief: prof. Ing. Václav Vaněk, CSc.
  • Co-editors: Mgr. Jan Lipavský, CSc., prof. Ing. Daniela Pavlíková, CSc., prof. Ing. Pavel Tlustoš, CSc., dr. h. c.
  • Executive Editor: Mgr. Kateřina Součková
  • The journal is published monthly

Aims & Scope

experimental biology, agronomy, natural resources, and the environment; plant development, growth and productivity, breeding and seed production, crops growing and their quality, soil care, conservation, and productivity; agriculture and environment interactions from the perspective of sustainable development. Articles are published in English.

Types of published articles

  • original scientific papers
  • information, review studies, communications

Plant, Soil and Environment continues in Q2 WoS
We are pleased to announce, that the Web of Science has released the 2021 IF values, and the journal Plant, Soil and Environment continues in Q2 of the category Agronomy!

Current issue
Original Paper

Resistance of highland barley seedlings to alkaline salt and freeze-thaw stress with the addition of potassium fulvic acid

Yan Qu, Guozhang Bao, Xinyu Pan, Jiancai Guo, Tong Xiang, Xinyu Fan, Xin Zhang, Yinan Yang, Bairu Yan, Hongwei Zhao, Guomei Li
Plant Soil Environ., 68 (2022): 299-308abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Sensitivity of fast chlorophyll fluorescence parameters to combined heat and drought stress in wheat genotypes

Mária Barboričováorcid , Andrej Filačekorcid , Dominika Mlynáriková Vysoká, Kristína Gašparovičorcid , Marek Živčák, Marian Bresticorcid
Plant Soil Environ., 68 (2022): 309-316abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of fertilisation on fungal community in topsoil of winter wheat field

Feihong Zhai, Tingliang Li, Xiaorui Qin, Xiaodong Zhaoorcid , Liwei Jiang, Yinghe Xie
Plant Soil Environ., 68 (2022): 317-327abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Residual effect of straw biochar on grain yield and yield attributes in a double rice cropping system of subtropical China

Rujie Lv, Yong Wang, Qiuju Wang, Yanhua Zeng, Qingyin Shang
Plant Soil Environ., 68 (2022): 328-337abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

A comparison of measured and estimated saturated hydraulic conductivity of various soils in the Czech Republic

Kamila Batkovaorcid , Svatopluk Matula, Eva Hrúzová, Markéta Miháliková, Recep Serdar Kara, Cansu Almaz
Plant Soil Environ., 68 (2022): 338-346abstractdownload PDF

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