Theoretical studies of interaction of the drum cleaner with the sugar beet head S., Ivanovs S., Adamchuk V., Smolinskyi S. (2018): Theoretical studies of interaction of the drum cleaner with the sugar beet head . Res. Agr. Eng., 64: 143-150.
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Basic provisions have been worked out for a theory of interaction of the drum cleaner from the remaining tops with the sugar beet heads after the basic mass has been cut off without extracting the roots from the soil, wherein the head of the root stays motionless in the soil at a certain height of protrusion. The drum cleaner, working forward and simultaneously rotating, starts a contact with the protruding head of the rootcrop and, moving around it, brushes away efficiently the remaining tops. On the basis of the obtained differential equations of the movement of the drum there are proposed mathematical dependencies substantiating the optimal parameters of the drum cleaner of the rootcrop heads from the remaining tops.

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