Treatment of spring wheat seeds by ozone generated from humid air and dry oxygen A., Serdukov Y., Pinchuk M., Stepanova O., Krivov S., Lyubushkina I. (2018): Treatment of spring wheat seeds by ozone generated from humid air and dry oxygen. Res. Agr. Eng., 64: 34-40.
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The paper presents an analysis based on conflicting data regarding the results of the treatment of soft spring wheat seeds by ozone generated from humid air and dry oxygen. Morphological characteristics of treated seeds (the length of a sprout, the total length of roots and the sprout-to-root ratio), 7-day germination ability along with the extent of 7-day-old seedlings contamination are considered in terms of ozone concentrations. The experiments were conducted using the wheat seeds of 2013 and 2014 yields. For the same concentrations of ozone, morphological characteristics of treated seeds and efficiency of seed surface treatment changed similarly for both ways of ozone production. However, the efficiency of seeds treatment and stimulation of seeds germination with ozone are not correlated; and the germination ability of the seeds is not changed after ozone treatment. 

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