Harvesting Lupinus albus axial rotary combine harvesters 

https://doi.org/10.17221/107/2017-RAECitation:Aldoshin N., Didmanidze O. (2018): Harvesting Lupinus albus axial rotary combine harvesters . Res. Agr. Eng., 64: 209-214.
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To ensure the agricultural production of the plant protein, it is advisable to cultivate leguminous crops, such as white lupine (Lupinus albus), which are rich in plant protein. White lupine is an easily threshed crop. Its seeds are large enough, so the main problem is to avoid seed damage during harvesting. To improve the harvesting technology of white lupine, the authors suggest using grain combine harvesters with axial flow threshing and separating mechanism (TSM). They consider it necessary to modify the design of such combine harvesters to eliminate repeated threshing of a grain (seed) mass and decrease threshing intensity in a threshing separating mechanism. The authors have also provided grounds for technological parameters of a combine harvester – a rotor speed and a concave clearance. The recommended rotor speed should be approximately 350–400 min–1 and the concave clearance should be 40 mm. 


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