Using of tiny encryption algorithm in CAN-Bus communication M., Čupera J. (2016): Using of tiny encryption algorithm in CAN-Bus communication. Res. Agr. Eng., 62: 50-55.
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The rising costs of agriculture machine operation force manufacturers to look for solutions that simplify the machine operation to its users and increase user comfort. However, this trend requires farm machinery to be equipped with electronic systems. Electronic control units do not receive only the information from its own sensors. Modern electronic systems communicate with each other via the data bus. The most common data bus in modern agricultural technology is the CAN-Bus (Controller Area Network). The most common standard used in modern machinery is SAE J1939 standard, which is commonly used for engine control systems. CAN-Bus in modern agricultural technology provides a considerable simplification of the wiring harness of the tractor. Standardized bus also opens the possibility of implementation of Plug & Play additional devices in agricultural tractor. This article is focused on the application of the encryption algorithm Tiny on the CAN-Bus, which is realistically applied to recognition of implement. This article aims to verify the suitability of encryption of Tiny algorithm for the CAN-Bus of 250 kbit/s. As the experiment demonstrated Tiny algorithm is suitable for data encrypting on the CAN-Bus.
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