Assessment of gross calorific value of crop and bio-energy residuesóvér J., Antal K., Zsembeli J., Blaskó L., Tamás J. (2018): Assessment of gross calorific value of crop and bio-energy residues. Res. Agr. Eng., 64: 121-127.
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This study assessed the gross calorific values (GCV) of crop and bio-energy residues. In addition, it assessed the calorific values of sweet sorghum to clarify its potential as energy crop in the region. Furthermore, it statistically analysed the ash remaining after burning three bio-energy residues, bagasse, oil cakes and fermented sludge of biogas production, to identify their potential for agricultural use. Finally, the study calculated alkali content based on nutrient content and GCVs. Significant differences were found among the GCVs of the investigated materials. Among the crop residues, the least significant difference (LSD) (P ≤ 0.05) of the calorimetric values was 76.26 kJ/kg, and among the by-products of bio-energy production, it was 20.80 kJ/kg. Significant differences were also found in nutrient content. In the case of the alkali content of bio-energy residues, the LSD was 0.04 kJ·kg–1. For the bagasse and compost, the study recommends some technical operations to avoid slagging.

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