Method of justification of the grain cleaning assembly performance V., Shepelev S., Almetova Z. (2018): Method of justification of the grain cleaning assembly performance . Res. Agr. Eng., 64: 115-120.
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The performance potential of the existing grain cleaning assemblies meant for nominal and stable gross grain flow in view of the agrotechnical harvest time is not realized to the full extent. It is preconditioned by the instability of the technical and technological parameters of the harvesting processes. It results in a disproportion between the harvesting and the grain cleaning process, which is manifested in accumulation of bulks of grains within open areas in uncontrolled conditions or preconditions over-estimation of the rated performance of the grain cleaning assemblies. Their required performance can be decreased and the alignment of functioning of the process system can be increased by introduction of compensating and back-up components in view of the seasonal and daily performance indicators of the combine harvesters.

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