Influence of loading speed on a change of parameters of adhesive bonds based on cyanoacrylatesüller M. (2015): Influence of loading speed on a change of parameters of adhesive bonds based on cyanoacrylates. Res. Agr. Eng., 61: 177-182.
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The paper deals with a behaviour of adhesive bonds created by means of quick-setting adhesives at different speeds of a loading. The aim of the research was to simulate a change of a bearing capacity of the adhesive bond at marginal limits foregoing the bond destruction. Application of quick–setting adhesives based on cyanoacrylates is considerably spread in a technical practice. Its advantage is speed of a hardening process. A fast creation of a bond and a possibility of fast manipulation with the adhesive bond are connected with it. The manipulation strength of the adhesive bond is reached in a few seconds. The aim of the research is to describe behaviour of quick–setting adhesives based on cyanoacrylates at different speeds of loading of the adhesive bonds in an interval of 1 to 600 mm/min. A change of the adhesive bond strength, an elongation and a failure time were evaluated within the experiments. Also the behaviour of the adhesive bonded material was observed within the research.
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