Mechanical properties of pellets in compressioník Ľ., Kažimírová V. (2015): Mechanical properties of pellets in compression. Res. Agr. Eng., 61: S1-S8.
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The paper deals with the evaluation of mechanical properties of the cylinder pellet samples. The pellets were made from hay by the granulating machine MGL 200 (Kovonovak) provided by the Department of Production Engineering, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. The pellets were submitted to compressive loading. The compressive loading curves of dependencies of force on strain and force on time were realised by the test stand Andilog Stentor 1000. Certain mechanical parameters were determined, namely the diameter of the sample, length of the sample, force at 10% of strain, force in the first maximum of the force – strain curve, strain in the first maximum of the force – strain curve, modulus of elasticity, force in the inflex point of the force – time and force – strain curves and strain and stress in the inflex point of the force – time and force – strain curves. Significant correlations of the mechanical parameters were observed between the inflex point and the first maximum point of the loading curves. There were find out, the compression force, stress and strain in the inflex point significantly correlate with the force, stress and strain in the first maximum.
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